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The Secret is the Science

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For those of us who remember fax machines, most news being printed on actual paper, and the days before words such as emailing and texting had been defined, the advances in how we communicate with one another are beyond exciting. The ability to share information with a customer on the other side of the world as quickly as one can with colleagues across town creates seemingly limitless opportunities.

However, the speed information flows and the amount available to anyone with access to a computer or smartphone presents challenges for any person, business, or organization who is trying to have their message get noticed in the crowd.

We at Gillette Strategies have been players in the advancement of communication. We understand how to take a complicated topic and make it understandable for a broad audience. Our background and record of success in science, medicine, and technical commerce communication make us uniquely positioned to help organizations in any field develop a strategy to rise above the noise and pull ahead of the competition.

“The secret is the science, and nobody understands the science of communication better than we do”. - Graham Gillette

In October 2018, Gillette Strategies will unveiled a project to connect publishers, editors, news directors, agents, and others with the best science and technical writers in the business.

With shrinking staffs and tightened budgets, those who produce content for the web, broadcast, print media, business, and not-for-profits often find themselves short of the talent needed to create the content they require. is a team building/team expanding resource for those who need accomplished writers, but do not have the resources to employ them fulltime.

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